DiMaria Obtains Employment Card for Victim of Domestic Violence

I n this case, Client was a citizen of the Dominican Republic who was married to her husband who had a green card. Client’s husband physically abused her on many occasions. Client reported the incidents of abuse to the police and received a permanent restraining order. Client was still married and contemplating a divorce. Client came to our office for a consultation and spoke to DiMaria about whether she could obtain legal status based on the abuse that she suffered from her husband. DiMaria explained to Client that she was eligible to apply for a visa as a battered spouse of a permanent resident. Individuals who are married to abusive citizen or permanent resident spouses are eligible to file a visa application for themselves called the battered spouse petition. This may be done in privacy so that the abusive spouse does not know that the petition was filed with immigration. Once the individual’s petition is approved, the individual is eligible for an employment authorization card. Client retained DiMaria to help her with her case. Client brought DiMaria documents such as the marriage certificate, proof of her husband’s legal status, proof that she was abused, and other documents. DiMaria filed a battered spouse petition with immigration. Approximately six months later, immigration approved the petition. Once the petition was approved, DiMaria helped Client obtain an Employment Card. Client was able to use her employment card to obtain her social security card and driver’s license.


Jayson Dimaria