Traffic Tickets

Why Hire an attorney to help you with a traffic ticket?

Often times, tickets come with a variety of consequences including fines, surcharges and points on your driving record.  Having an experienced attorney with you will help fight the ticket and or have the ticket reduced.  At our firm, we will do the best to avoid fines or have them lowered, get the charges against you dropped or reduced, avoid points so your car insurance rates don’t increase. 

People do not realize that many common tickets carry high points.  For example, an improper passing is 4 points; a reckless driving ticket is 5 points.  Once you get 6 points on your license within three years, your insurance will go up plus you will get a surcharge from the state of NJ that you must pay. In addition, after a certain number of points, or failure to pay surcharges, your license can be suspended.  

Some of the more serious tickets can automatically lead to suspension, such as DUI or causing a fatal accident.  Due to the severity of these tickets, it is imperative you contact an attorney to represent you at court.

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