DiMaria Wins Green Card For Individual Facing Deportation

I n this case, client’s family came to our office for a consultation because their relative was in jail. The family hired DiMaria to represent client. Client was arrested for having a fake ID. Client’s family paid the criminal bail and Client was transferred into immigration custody. Client had been living in the United States for twelve years, had two United States Citizen children, and was working full time. DiMaria filed an application for bail and client was released from jail after his family paid the bail. DiMaria went to court with client on several occasions and filed an application for a green card with the Judge. DiMaria also was able to get client an employment authorization card and client got his driver’s license. Client was eligible for a green card because he was living in the United States for more than ten years, and had children that are United States citizens. One of Client’s children had a history of problems in school and needed special education classes. DiMaria provided the judge with documents from the child’s school showing that the child had received extra help. The child was also evaluated by a psychologist who determined that the child needed extra help and would suffer exceptionally if his father was deported. We went to court and had a trial. Client testified in court as to the hardship his family would suffer if he was deported. The judge agreed that Client’s family would suffer exceptionally and granted Client’s his green card. Client is now a permanent resident and is eligible to apply for citizenship in five years. About two weeks after we finished Client’s case he flew to his country of Peru to see his family that he has not seen in twelve years.


Jayson Dimaria