$52,500.00 for child injured in a boating accident

T he DiMaria Law Firm obtained a settlement for a child who suffered a laceration near the eyebrow after a boating accident. The insurance company offered the child's parents $13,000.00 to settle the claim on the child's behalf. After The DiMaria Law Firm, LLC took on the representation, the Firm increased the settlement to $52,500.00 before a lawsuit ever had to be filed. In addition, through the use of a structured settlement, the child will receive nearly $60,000.00 (after all expenses and fees).

Whenever a child is injured, all settlements must be approved by a court in a "Friendly Hearing" to ensure the settlement is fair to the child who will ultimately receive the money on his or her 18th birthday. In this case, the judge not only determined the settlement was fair, but expressed that this was a VERY good settlement and that the attorney did an excellent job representing the child's interests.


Jayson Dimaria