DiMaria Wins Citizenship for Permanent Resident With Several Arrests

I In this case, Client came to The Law Office of Jayson DiMaria for a consultation pertaining to whether or not he was eligible for citizenship. Client was very concerned with whether or not he was eligible for citizenship because he had been arrested several times while he was a permanent resident. After reviewing Client’s history as a permanent resident, DiMaria determined that Client was eligible for Citizenship, but told client there was a chance that his case may not be approved. Client was tired of worrying about traveling outside the United States because of his arrest record and wanted to be able to vote in the upcoming elections, therefore he decided he would try to apply for citizenship. There are several requirements to become a citizen of the United States. The one requirement that was challenging in this case was that Client was arrested several times while he had been a permanent resident of the United States. Although Client was arrested several times, all arrests resulted in only one minor conviction in the municipal court, while all other charges were dismissed. Although just about all of Client’s criminal charges had been dismissed, we still had to prove to Immigration that Client is a person of good moral character. Although client had only one minor conviction, Immigration could still have determined that because client was arrested so many times he failed to exhibit good moral character. We presented Immigration with certified dispositions for all of Client’s arrests, as well as Client’s tax returns and evidence of family ties in the United States. Client passed all requirements for Citizenship, but Immigration told us that it would take some time to make a decision on the application. After nearly three months, and one additional interview, Immigration finally approved Client’s application for Citizenship and Client is now a United States Citizen.


Jayson Dimaria