Dimaria wins Deportation case for Woman Convicted of Theft in the Amount of $225,000

C lient was involved in a conspiracy in which her husband was stealing items from a store that he worked for and selling them online. Since he was using Client’s computer, she was involved in the case. She was arrested along with seven other people, her husband being one of the people who were arrested. Client had received probation for the offense and agreed to pay restitution each month. Client was then placed into Deportation Proceedings.

DiMaria applied for bail for client and she was released from Immigration Custody.  DiMaria fought the case for 5 years and was successful in winning client’s application to be able to keep her Green Card.  Client’s spouse took full responsibility for the criminal action and that really helped client with her case.

Congratulations to Client who now has a new opportunity to remain in the United States, she got her second chance!!!


Jayson Dimaria