Dimaria Wins Post Conviction Relief (PCR) for Woman with Criminal Convictions from the 1990s!!!

C lient applied for Citizenship with a different attorney. She went to the Interview for her Citizenship and was told her case was denied because she had 3 criminal convictions for Shoplifting. Technically speaking, someone can face deportation for these convictions, even if the convictions took place a long time ago. One conviction is not a problem but 2 or more convictions is a problem.

DiMaria filed applications with the Court for PCRs.  Basically a PCR is a request for a criminal conviction to be opened again because there was a problem with the case.  The problem in her two cases were she was never told by her criminal attorneys that she would face being deported for her convictions. 

DiMaria was able to have both cases changed so that Client no longer had convictions for shoplifting and she could apply for Citizenship!!!! Client is now a United States Citizen!!!!


Jayson Dimaria