Dimaria Wins Green Card for Man Who Helped by Several Attorneys in the Past and Was Told by Several Attorneys That He Had No Chance

C lient entered the United States illegally but was married to a United States Citizen. Typically, when you enter illegally, you cannot obtain a Green Card in the United States. However there are some exceptions. One of the exceptions is that if you had someone try to sponsor you before 2001. Even if you were not successful in the case that began before 2001, you still have hope in the future.

In this case, Client’s family member had sponsored him in the past, prior to 2001. He was now married to a United States Citizen. Several attorneys tried helping him but none of them obtained the proper proof of the case that was started before 2001. He also consulted with several attorneys who told him there was nothing they could do.

Client consulted with DiMaria and hired DiMaria. DiMaria located the appropriate paperwork that needed to be submitted to show that he had a case before 2001. We were able to win the Green Card for client but it wasn’t easy work. DiMaria didn’t give up, he kept searching till he found the paperwork that was over 20 years old and nowhere to be found.

Client now has a Green Card and is able to travel outside of the United States to see his family that he hasn’t seen in over 25 years!!!!


Jayson Dimaria